The Czech Lion Scout pub

Obsluha Czech Lion v akciA big bunch of friends and inseparable companions put their scout heart into the Czech Lion project. They travel with it to large scout meetings both in the Czech Republic and abroad and offer Czech food to all scouts.

The Czech Lion offers fast and simple food, but also traditional Czech meals. As beverages they offer non-alcoholic beer, excellent Czech sodas and juices and also various kinds of hot drinks.

Thanks to the fusion with Pekorinko scout cafe, they now also offer many kinds of snacks, sweets and very tasty fair-trade coffee.

The Czech Lion further develops the original "Krčma" concept and it already found its place between the other food-houses at international scout meetings. It is operated by tens of volunteers, who put thousands of hours of work into it.


How does it work
Tým Czech Lion Anglie 2007

The Czech Lion restaurant is operated at scout events both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Thus it meets customers from both middle Europe and America or Asia.


The Czech Lion Offers
Nabídka Czech Lion

The Czech Lion philosophy at international events is to offer Czech products. Therefore, it seeks cooperation with Czech companies.


Czech Lion in Sweden
Stan Czech Lion

The Czech Lion team wants to show the world the taste of Czech scouting. 25 volunteers are going to in 400 m2 of the campsite for 40 thousand scouts from all over the world.



Czech Lion
Jan Kotek - Šotek
Email: jan.kotek @

Telefon: (+420) 773 294 840

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